Best Casino Online

Best Casino Online

Finding the best casino online games in Canada can be a daunting task. So many providers claim to have the best mix of entertaining games and rewarding payouts, but how do you effectively sift through all of these offerings without using up all of your spare time?

This is where some fundamental search tips can really save you a lot of effort in the long run. By using a few simple techniques, you can easily snap up some great bargains and avoid the less interesting signup options.

Below is a basic guide and some useful tips for online players to try out and see if they can strike it lucky by using these.

Signup Bonuses

Many people forget to check out the signup bonuses with their new services. The best casino online choice for you will generally be the one that offers a great signup bonus, the widest selection of games and the most user friendly interfaces.

Signup bonuses can come in several forms but the most common ones offer you either free credits or free spins upon joining up, as well as not having to put in a deposit for you to get signed up and started.

Players will need to make sure which games are covered by the signup bonus as card games are generally excluded.

Wide Variety

Signup bonuses are great, but if the provider that you just signed up with doesn’t have a decent catalogue of games for you to choose from, then you may find yourself getting bored quite quickly.

The best thing to do is find out beforehand exactly what it is that you can expect to find on the website and then make your choice accordingly, and based on your observations then select the best online casino for your preferences.

Making sure that there is an optimal mix between card games and slot machine styled games is a good place to start when making your selection, and it is also a good idea to make sure that your favourites are available so that your gaming needs are catered for.

Good Reputation

The longer the casino has been in business for, the better the chances are that they are doing something right. The best casino online is the one that has a great reputation for keeping its players happy and entertained.

Knowing that the website that they have signed up for has a solid reputation and long online history will definitely go a long way to ensure that a stress free experience is had by all.

Safety First

It goes without saying, but make sure that you are looking at a reputable supplier when searching for the best casino online for your individual needs. There are plenty of user forums online that will allow you to interact with other users and read up on their experiences.

Generally speaking, online services that provide negative player experiences for their customers will have this reported extensively and this will give you an idea of which sites to avoid.

Cherry Blossoms

Take Root With Cherry Blossoms Online Slot

Cherry Blossoms takes you away to an ancient time in Japan, during the start of spring and the appearance of these beautiful flowers across the island nation.

NextGen gaming brings this colourful 20 payline slot to life with smooth graphics and fittingly oriental sounds.

Cherry Blossoms allows wagers of up to 40 on each spin. The 12500x jackpot payout pushes the theoretical return to player to a very enticing 95.37%.

If that isn’t enough, the free spins round can award up to 25 free spins and wins during this round can receive a 6x multiplier.

The Cherry Blossoms Gamble Feature

The Gamble feature in Cherry Blossoms is a quick way to turn small wins into big wins. If you click on the gamble button after you form a combination, the amount you won can be used in a second game of chance.

You will be taken to a new screen where you must correctly guess if a card drawn from a deck will be red or black, or what suit the card will be.

Choosing the correct colour during the Cherry Blossoms Gamble feature will double your wins, while choosing the correct suit will quadruple the amount.

Win Free Games With Win Multipliers Active

When it comes to free spins, Cherry Blossoms certainly delivers the goods. Up to 25 free games can be won, triggered by the cherry blossom scatter symbol. Three scatters award 15 spins, 4 award 20 spins and the 25 spins are awarded with 5 scatters.

Any winning combination that forms during the free spins round will be multiplied by 3. If you are lucky enough to land a wild combination, your win will be multiplied by 6 instead of the usual 2x.

Cherry Blossoms allows players to win more free spins even during the free spins round by landing more scatter symbols on the reels.

The Cherry Blossoms Reel Symbols

When it comes to reel symbols, Cherry Blossoms keeps it simple. The standard 9, 10, J, Q, K and A symbols can be found on the reels, along with a fan, a paper lantern, a Buddhist bell and a Japanese castle.

The castle symbols have a huge 2500x jackpot prize, so keep an eye out for this symbol on the reels.

The Wild Geisha Symbol

The beautifully made up face of a Geisha serves as the wild symbol. This is quite appropriate as Geishas were required to be knowledgeable about many subjects.

In Cherry Blossoms the Geisha can substitute for any of the regular reel symbols. If the geishas are part of a potential winning combination, she will take on the value required to complete that combination, as long as there is only one missing symbol which you’d be cursing if you’re playing bingo in Canada.

When a standard combination is completed using a geisha, the pay out of this combination will be doubled. Line up 2 or more Geishas by themselves however and you are looking at an up to 12500x jackpot amount that you can win.

The Cherry Scatter Symbol

The cherry blossom symbol is the Cherry Blossoms slot scatter symbol. This means that as long as you have 2 or more symbols anywhere on the screen, you will get a win.

The cherry blossom scatter is worth up to 200x your total wager.

Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders

Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders Online Slots

Snakes And Ladders is a classic board game familiar to most people.  The game supposedly originated in India during the 19th Century, and is now regarded a classic game, worldwide.  The game is played on a game board  containing numbered squares forming a grid.  A number of Snakes And Ladders appear on the game board, connecting some of the squares on the grid, with other squares on the grid.

The aim is to navigate from one end of the board to the other, being helped by ladders and trying to avoid being hindered by snakes.  The number of moves awarded to a player per turn, is determined by the roll of a die.  The game is exceptionally popular, and is completely based on chance.

The classic favourite has now been developed into an online slot game with a colourful, tropical island feel, by Microgaming.  Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders is played on 5 reels and 15 paylines, and the game can be accessed in order to play merely for fun and free, or for real money.

Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders Symbols 

In keeping with the tropical island theme, symbols include pineapples, kiwi fruit, oranges, litchis and watermelons.  A colourful snake and monkey also make star appearances on the reels, as well as a couple of island locals, a lizard and a traditional mask.

The fruity symbols represent the lower value symbols.

The Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders logo doubles as the game’s wild symbol.  The wild will transform into other symbols to complete a winning combination.  Any winnings activated by the wild symbol, are doubled.   During a free spins game, the wild will multiply winnings by four.

Free Spins Bonus Game

Free spins are awarded at random, and in batches of 5.  No specific combinations of symbols are required in order to trigger a Free Spins Bonus Game.  All winnings tallied during the Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders Free Spins Bonus Game, are doubled.

Snakes And Ladders Quest Special Feature

The Snakes and Ladders Quest Feature is the game’s bonus game.  The feature consists of a game of Snakes and Ladders.  The bonus game is activated by landing the Snakes And Ladders bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5.

During the bonus game, the player will be awarded five rolls of a dice.  As is the case with the board game, the value on the dice will determine the number of spaces that a player is permitted to move forward.  Landing on a ladder means progressing upwards on the grid, whilst a snake will send you on your merry way in the opposite direction.

An added bonus is awarded whenever the number six is rolled on the dice.  An additional roll of the dice is awarded.

Progressing upwards on the grid awards higher prizes and increased multipliers.  Should the chips fall in your favour and you manage to reach the very top of the grid and grab hold of the mask, a X100 total bet multiplier will be the ultimate reward.

Whether you opt to play for free or for real money, Big Kahuna Snakes And Ladders is a great deal of fun.

Big Bad Wolf Online Video Slot Game Introduced

Big Bad Wolf, a creation by the brilliant developers at Quickspin, is based on everyone’s favourite fairy tale, known most commonly to children and adults the world over, as The Three Little Pigs.  The fairy tale, in the form and shape that it is known today, first appeared in English Fairy Tales, compiled by Joseph Jacobs.  The story tells the tale of three little pigs, varying in intellectual capability, and their combined efforts to outsmart the evil Big Bad Wolf.

The three little pigs seek to outwit the Big Bad Wolf, and each decide to build a house made of various materials.  One builds a house of straw, another a house of sticks, and the smartest of the lot, a house made of bricks.  In the end, they all team up together and manage to outsmart the wolf.  It is a story of teamwork triumphing over difficulty.

Big Bad Wolf is an online video slot game, and is played on 25 paylines.  The game includes a number of special features, such as Multiple Wild Symbols, a Free Spins Bonus Game and the Swooping Reels Feature.  The reels are set within the frame of the famous straw house fashioned by the first little pig, and the graphics make the game inviting and visually stimulating.

Big Bad Wolf can be played for free or for real money.

Big Bad Wolf Wild and Standard Symbols

A quirky looking Bee Hive represents the Wild Symbol during standard play, and the Moon symbol represents the Special Symbol during the game’s Free Spins Bonus Game.  The Three Little Pigs and their arch enemy, the Big Bad Wolf, also appear on the game’s reels.

Big Bad Wolf Free Spins Bonus Game

Ten free spins are awarded whenever three or more of the Big Bad Wolf scatter symbols appear anywhere on the game’s reels.

The feature can be re-activated.

The Big Bad Wolf Blowing Down the House Feature

Moon symbols are bonus symbols and are collected during Free Spins Games.  Depending on the total number of moon symbols collected, the Big Bad Wolf will blow down either the house made of sticks (3 moon symbols) or the house made of bricks (6 moon symbols).  Additional Free Spins are awarded in this way.

The Wild Pig Symbol Feature

As the online slots real money Canada game progresses, tally is kept of the total number of wins.   Each consecutive win causes a piggy to be transformed into a wild symbol for the next spin.   Six consecutive wins will result in all three of the little pigs being transformed into wild symbols.

The Swooping Reels Feature

All winning symbols are immediately moved off the screen in a swooping fashion,  and replaced by new symbols.  The Big Bad Wolf Swooping Reels Feature only draws to a close when no winning combinations of symbols have been landed.

The game is wildly entertaining and is presented in a cartoon-like style.  The symbols are drawn in a detailed fashion, and it is clear that a lot of thought went into developing the theme of the original story into a game that is both interactive as well as stimulating.

Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is One of the Most Famous Road Races

The Boston marathon is an annual marathon hosted by Boston, eastern Massachusetts. It is always held on Patriots’ Day, which is the third Monday in April. The Boston marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon, and has become one of the world’s best known road racing events. It is one of the six World Marathon Majors, and is one of the major sporting events to be held in the United States each year.

Women were included in the participants in the Boston marathon in 1966, and in 1975 became the first marathon to include a wheelchair division in the competition. The Boston Marathon attracts entrants from every country in the world, in spite of the hilly terrain that constitutes the course of the run, as well as Boston’s notorious uncertain weather.

The Centennial Boston Marathon Has the Record for Entrants

The event began with eighteen participants in 1897, but there are now about thirty thousand runners who take part in the Boston Marathon. The Centennial Boston Marathon in 1996 established a record as the largest marathon in the world, with nearly forty thousand entrants. The event attracts over half a million spectators every year which is more than they can pack into the racecourse for Melbourne Cup betting.

The Boston Marathon owes its existence to the team manager of the United States Olympic team in 1896. He was inspired by the Olympic marathon, and determined to establish a similar marathon in the Boston area. Various routes were considered, but the one eventually chosen runs through 42.195 km of winding roads of the city into the centre of Boston. The race runs through eight different Massachusetts cities, which form the greater Boston area. The Boston Marathon is considered to be one of the more difficult courses because of the hills that runners have to ascend and descend near Boston College. Heartbreak Hill follows a 46km drop in a 800m stretch that forces many runners to a walking pace.

The Standard Distance for Marathons

The Boston Marathon distance of 42.195km, or 26 miles and 385 yards, is the standard distance for all world class marathons, and was set during the Olympic Games in London in 1908. This is the distance that has been run in every Olympic marathon since then.

The history of the terrorist attack that took place during the running of the Boston Marathon in 2013 is very well known. Three people were killed and nearly three hundred injured. Security remains a high priority still today at the running of the Boston Marathon. There are numerous cameras along the route, and security officials are entitled to make bag checks.

Possibilities of Betting on the Boston Marathon

Like all world class sporting events, the Boston Marathon always has fans following the race and betting on the outcome. Wagers can be placed on the winners, the times set, the number of runners who finish the race, among numerous other possibilities. It is always a good idea to have some knowledge of the sport before placing any bets.  Although there is a large volume of information on the Boston Marathon there is always the form of the athletes to be taken into consideration. The state of the weather in Boston often plays a part as well in the outcome of the race.

Betting on the different sports in America has become a successful and lucrative industry. All Americans have a particular fondness for the Boston Marathon, and often manage to turn their knowledge of the sport into financial rewards.

Best totes

Finding the Best Totes for Online Betting Purposes

All of the different kinds of online sports betting around the world are becoming more popular over time, but punters still love to play the ponies, and wagers centred on horse races are by far the most well-liked overall. There is a number of thrilling ways to lay wagers on the performances of these mighty beasts, and one of the most valuable skills that punters can lay claim to is mastering how to pick the best totes for each race.

The Definition of Totes Betting Wagers

Totes are also sometimes referred to as pool, or pari-mutuel, bets, and are comprised of all of the bets that may have been places on an upcoming race. The winnings for these wagers are divided up amongst the punters who made the right call, and these are based on the final odds for the bets.

These odds are subject to change right up until the moment that the betting closes and the race begins because the odds are determined by the size of the pool. When a number of different punters place the same wager, the payout will be less for this outcome than it would be for bets placed on an underdog who then goes on to take first place. This is why long shots are sometimes the best totes, and the reason these bets are so exciting is that punters are unaware of the exact odds that their winnings will be subject to until the very last minute.

The Various Kinds of Totes Bets

There are many different kinds of totes, and these will be applied another way to diverse races, and further depend on different betting amounts. As punters spend more time at the online bookmakers offering these bets they will find it far easier to find the best totes, and will quickly be able to hone the skills this type of wagering requires.

The best totes at horse racing betting sites in Australia for newcomers to find their feet with are undoubtedly the bets known as win and place. For the first, punters are asked to predict the horse which will win the race, and the second requires that they guess which ones will place second or third. There is a bet available that combines these two as well, the each way, and this allows punters to predict which animals will take the first three spots when the race has been run and the results are revealed.

Exacta bets require that punters predict which horse will take the first and second place spots in a race in order, and a trifecta wagers extends this prediction to include the third place.

Quadpot bets are very popular as well, and require that punters choose the horses they feel will win or place in four races from the third to the sixth spots; it is an inexpensive wager, but can prove very rewarding to punters who make the right choice.

The best totes wager will vary from punter to punter, and bettors are urged to explore all the options until they find the one most suited to their particular needs.

Titan Thunder Slot Review for Players

A majestic soundtrack plays as Titan Thunder slot opens and a 6th reel falls into position.  The Titans are part of classical Greek mythology and were deities with incredible strength who were said to have ruled during the golden age.  Titan Thunder slot s been developed by Quickspin gaming and has 5 reels with 50 paylines.  The game’s reels are set against a backdrop of a stone tablet against the background of a landscape of fields, mountains and rolling clouds.  The theoretical payout of Titan Thunder slot is 96.5%.

The Titan Thunder pokie symbols are comprised of 5 titans of different colours, red, blue, light blue, green and brown.  The lower value symbols include a range of gemstones in different shapes and colours, red, yellow, purple, green and blue.  The gemstones are the lower value symbols.  To check the payouts of these symbols players can click the paytable or info button.

Win with Wild Symbols

There are 2 wild symbols, the standard wild and the lightning wild.  The wild symbols can substitute for all the symbols, except the scatter, to create winning combinations.  The scatter symbol is the lightning bolt against a blue background.

Titan Thunder Slot Feature

The Titan Thunder slot feature will be randomly activated during the base game.  During this round the 6th reel will be activated and a maximum of 8 lightning wild symbols will be added to the reels.

Free Spins and Expanding Titans

The Titan Thunder slot free spins round is activated when 3 of the scatter symbols land on the reels.  Players will receive 8 free spins.  The 6th reel will become active during the free spins round and all of the wins will be subject to a times 3 multiplier.

During the free spins round one of the titan symbols will be chosen and will be transformed into a wild symbol and with each subsequent spin the titan will become an expanding wild symbol and cover the adjacent reel positions.  The free spins round will come to an end when there are no more spins remaining.

Game Settings

To begin playing Titan Thunder slot players must first select how much to bet by clicking on the arrows on the total bet display.  The total bet is the bet for each payline multiplied by the number of paylines.  This game has fixed paylines so players will always be playing with 50 active paylines.

The spin button will start it and players of mobile pokies games Australia can quick stop Titan Thunder slot by clicking the spin button again.  All of the wins will be displayed on the win field. To view all of the possible winning combinations players can click the paytable button to view.  The fast play button will spin the reels at a faster rate offering the shortest spin possible.  The autoplay option spins the reels automatically for a certain number of spins.  To stop this feature players can click on the stop button.

Play for Free Online

Most online casinos will offer their online slot games for free.  Players can select this option before starting a game.  Instead of using real money players are given demo credits to play with, this means no risk to real money.  This is a great way to try out Titan Thunder slot without the risk of losing real money and still being able to try out the features of the game.

Step back into the world of classic Greek mythology with Titan Thunder slot and win with free spins, multipliers and expanding wilds.

The Epic Journey

The Epic Journey Online Slot

The Epic Journey is a Quickspin game that is based on the book by Jules Verne, Journey to the Centre of the Earth.  The book was written in 1864 and tells the story of a professor and his nephew who journey to centre of the earth in search of volcanic tubes.  They encounter many adventures on their journey including prehistoric animals and some nail biting situations.  The game is set against a background of prehistoric animals, lakes and forests.

An epic tune plays in the background as the reels spin.  The Epic Journey has 5 reels and 100 fixed paylines.  The paylines are spread over 3 different reel sets.  The main reel set has 40 paylines and the two smaller ones have 30 each

Symbols and Payouts

The Epic Journey symbols are the 5 travellers who go to the centre of the earth and offer payouts ranging from 100 coins to 50 coins for 5.  These payouts are based on the maximum bet.  The lower value symbols are the gemstones with payouts of 20 coins for 5.  The bet multiplier will multiply all the wins and only the highest win is paid out from left to right.

There are 2 wild symbols, the regular wild and the volcano wild.  The regular wild will substitute for all the symbols except the scatter and wilds.

Volcano Wild Feature

The Volcano Wild Feature is activated when 2 or 3 volcano wild symbols land on the reels.  These wilds will erupt and spread wilds across all 3 of the reels.  The volcano and expanding wild will substitute for all the symbols except the scatter and other bonus symbols.

Pick a Bonus Round

The drill is the bonus scatter and will activate the pick bonus screen.  Players must choose one of the runes after which a bonus round is revealed.  There are 4 bonus features, safari free spins, fossil hunt, mushroom forest or the coin win.

The safari free spins will reward players with 10 free spins.  Each of the reels with have a special wild symbol and players must collect any 3 of these after which multiplier wilds will be revealed.  The mammoth wild will payout times 2 on grid 1, the sea creature on grid 2 will reward players with a times 3 multiplier and the T-Rex wild on grid 3 has a multiplier of times 5. The mammoth, sea creature and T-Rex wilds will substitute for all the symbols except the volcano wild.

Players are given 3 attempts to pick mushrooms to reveal more picks and a multiplier.  During the fossil hunt bonus players are given 3 spins and have to collect shovel symbols that will reveal fossils parts.  Players will receive their prize at the end of the round depending on how many fossils were found.  The coin win bonus round will reward players with an amount that is revealed at the end of the round.

The Epic Journey features good quality graphics and sound and offers players a good range of different bonus features and the 3 different reel sets makes a pleasant change from the usual reel set.


Supernova Online Slot Game by Quickspin Reviewed

Supernova is an online slot developed by Swedish game developers, Quickspin.  The game consists of 3 main reels and 2 other reels with multipliers.  Supernova has 27 fixed paylines in total across both reel sets.   There is a pleasant soundtrack that plays in the background and the game is set against a galaxy with shooting stars.

Fireballs and Swirling Slots Spheres

The Supernova symbols are all space related and feature 3 different colour fireballs, green, blue and orange.  The other 3 symbols are spheres with swirling lights in the centre moving in a pattern. The orange fireball has the highest payout and players will receive 50 coins.  The blue and green fireball each has a payout of 15 coins.  Each of these symbols also has a multiplier of times 3 attached to each one.  The spheres have lower payouts and each one will payout 3 coins. The glowing wild symbol will substitute for all of the symbols except the multiplier symbol.

Multiplier Feature

Supernova does not have a bonus feature and the two different reel sets are the star of the Supernova show at casino Australia.  Supernova has low paying symbols but the game does reward players with many smaller wins.  If players land a win on the main reel set, which seems to occur quite frequently, reel set number 2 will be activated.  All of the payouts will be multiplied by the multiplier that appears in the middle of the first multiplier reel.  If another multiplier appears on the second reel in the middle position it will be multiplied by that multiplier.  This round will come to an end when the wormhole appears.  Players will receive random multipliers of times 2, times 3, times 5 and times 10.

How to Play Supernova

Supernova has a fastplay feature that players can activate and this will spin the reels at a faster rate.  To activate this option players can click the fastplay button.  The autoplay feature can be activated by clicking the autoplay button.  This will spin the reels for a preselected number of continuous spins.  Players can choose from 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 automatic spins.  The spin button will spin the reels one spin at a time.

The paytable can be accessed by clicking the paytable button and here players can view all the symbol payouts, winning combinations and details on the multipliers.  By clicking the arrow on the total bet button players can select how much they would like to bet.  The minimum bet for Supernova is 25.00 and the maximum bet is 12 500.00.

Play for Free

Online casinos will often make their slot games available in free mode or play for fun as well as the real money option.  Playing for fun means that players can enjoy Supernova without betting any real money, allowing them to make an informed decision before signing up and betting real money.  It also allows players to try out Supernova at various online casinos to see which one offers the best deals and support.

Supernova will take players on a galactic space trip with fireballs and light spheres offering random multipliers on 2 different reels sets.

Rapunzel’s Tower Slots Review

Rapunzel’s Tower slot is based on the German fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm in 1812.  This online pokies game has 5 reels and 20 paylines and is a Quickspin development. Rapunzel’s Tower slot features free spins, bonus wilds and multipliers.  Rapunzel can be seen on the right of the screen in the tower with her golden hair.

The playing card symbols offer lower values and include the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine and these offer payouts ranging from 125 coins to 100 coins if 5 of each appear on an active payline.  The prince, evil witch, king and queen make up the other symbols and have payouts ranging from 200 coins to 150 coins for 5.  All of the wins are multiplied by the bet for each payline and only the highest bet will be paid out.  The wins are paid out from left to right.

Standard and Bonus Wild

Rapunzel’s Tower slot has 2 wild symbols, Rapunzel who is the standard wild and will become stacked.  The standard wild will substitute for all of the symbols, except for the scatter.  If 5 of these symbols appear on an active payline, players will receive 1000 coins.  The bonus wild symbol is Rapunzel’s golden hair tied with a purple bow and this wild will only appear on reel 2, 3 and 4.

Feature Bet

If 3 or more bonus wilds land on the reels the bonus wilds feature is activated.  During this feature the bonus wilds will remain in position until there is a winning spin. The wild symbol will only become active if players trigger the feature bet by betting a bit extra for each spin.  If the feature bet is not active the bonus wilds will remain standard wild symbols and there will be no respin.

Free Spins

The scatter symbol is the tower and will activate the free games round.  Players will receive 10 free spins.  Players have the opportunity to win extra free spins during the tower feature if 3 or more scatters land on the reels.

Tower Feature

When a bonus wild appears during the free spins round the prince will climb the tower to rescue Rapunzel. As the prince climbs up players will receive free spins.  The amount of free spins will depend on how far up the tower the prince gets.   Every bonus wild symbol on the reels will reward players with a step up the tower.  Step 10 will reward players with 2 free spins, step 15 will reward players with 1 free spin, step 20 will reward players with 2 free spins and step 25 will reward players with 2 free spins and a multiplier of times 2 on any wins during the remaining free spins.  Players will also receive extra free spins if 3 scatters appear during the free spins round.

Game Settings

The paylines in the best Australian pokies online Rapunzel’s Tower are not fixed so players can choose how many paylines to activate.  There is a fastplay option that players can choose to activate which will spin the reels at a faster rate.  The autoplay feature can be activated by clicking the autoplay button and this will spin the reels continuously for a certain amount of spins.

Rapunzel’s Tower slot offers players the opportunity for smaller wins throughout the game rather than one big win which is sure to keep players entertained as they help the prince to save Rapunzel from her tower.