Mobile Betting

Mobile Betting Convenience

It is widely known that New Zealand has some of the best rugby and cricket teams in the world. So it makes sense that New Zealanders are also becoming known for placing bets on their teams to win. Until recently the only way to place a bet was a physical trip to a bookie’s office, but this all changed with the modern smart phone exploding onto the scene.

Equipped with incredible processing power and a satellite driven connection to the internet, smart phones have changed not only the way communicate, but the way we can make sports wagers.

Mobile betting is become increasingly popular in New Zealand and the world, with your average bet maker having incredibly easy online access to legal bookies. A bet can be placed in seconds, and winnings collected equally as fast. In fact, it can be said that a New Zealander has a portable bookmaker in their pocket at all times. The only question is; how does one decide on which online bet maker is the best? Let’s have a look at some factors to keep in mind when partaking in mobile betting.

Legal And Licensed Bookmakers

It goes without saying that the vast majority of online bookmakers are legal and fully licensed, but there are a few suspect websites making people’s lives difficult. Illegal online bookmakers don’t last very long before being taken down, but they are out there, and should be avoided at all costs. Before engaging in any mobile betting with an online bookmaker, be sure they are legal and have a good reputation. Look for a small logo, generally in the lower right of a bookmaker’s homepage, that declares they have been licensed.

If problems are experienced at an online bookmaker, be sure to report them in order to help other’s avoid the same problems. Don’t worry though, such problems are few and far between, and the vast majority of online bookmakers in New Zealand are completely safe. Just keep in min that if a bookmaker is offering a bargain deal that seems impossibly good, it might be an unscrupulous website looking to lure in victims.

Best Bang For Your Buck

Since there are so many online bookmakers offering mobile betting, many have incredible loyalty programmes to reward loyal customers. Be sure to scout around and find the bookmaker that is going to offer the best rewards when you’re looking for Dota 2: The International betting in August. And, keep in mind, there is no rule that says you can’t have an account at multiple websites, taking advantage of many loyalty programmes at once.

Best Odds

Another technique online bookies use for mobile betting is offering better odds than the competition. Before placing a bet, look around and see which website has the most beneficial odds. A small point difference in odds can make all the difference in the world if you succeed in your bet, so never underestimate the benefit of being selective in your bet making. After all, the smart bet maker is always the one with the most cash in his pocket, and who can argue against that?