Highway Kings Pro

Highway Kings Pro Trucker-Themed Slots

When online games-development giants Playtech launch their Highway Kings video slots game, it was unusual, in that it revolves around long-distance trucking; hardly a common theme in slot machines. Nevertheless, the game was successful enough to spawn a sequel: Highway Kings Pro, which continues the grease-and-gears theme of the original. Motor-racing animations introduce the various game features.

Highway Kings Pro is played on five reels, each displaying three icons. It has 9 bet lines, and offers bonuses that get as high as 25 free spins with a 5X multiplier. As usual, the object is to match three, four, or five symbols in succession. What isn’t usual, is that the paylines run both ways: so a matching sequence that starts on the rightmost reel will pay as much as the same sequence running from the leftmost reel, which isn’t common in slots games. It effectively doubles the 9 bet lines to 18 possible wins on every spin. With a maximum bet 500X bigger than the minimum, it is accessible to both high rollers and players with less expansive bankrolls alike.

The Road Signs

Highway Kings Pro differs from many slots games in another respect; it does not use the poker symbols 10-A as its low win symbols. Instead, all the icons in Highway Kings Pro are trucker-related. There are wheels, spark plugs, fuzzy mirror dice, trucker caps, steering wheels, fuel pumps and pistons serving as the icons, supplemented by three big custom-painted trucks in red, green and yellow. The wild symbol (which appears only on reels two, three and four) features a hearty moustachioed trucker, and it substitutes for all other icons except the two bonus symbols.

Hi-Octane Bonuses in Highway Kings Pro

The Highway Kings Pro scatter symbol is a sexy cowgirl in a red Stetson, and any spin that ends with three scatters on a bet line wins five coins plus a 3X multiplier of any winning line bets that include the scatter. Four scatters yield an immediate win of 10 coins and a 4X multiplier, and five scatters win 100 coins and trigger a 5X multiplier bonus.

Highway Kings Pro’s other bonus trigger is the chequered flag icon. Hitting the chequered flag on reels one and five simultaneously triggers a Truck Racing Bonus; players are then given a choice of three trucks. That choice determines the number of free spins in the bonus, and the truck-race along the highway which follows determines the multiplier factors on the free spins. A player can win up to 25 free spins in a bonus round, with multipliers as high as 5X. If the chequered flags show up on reels one and five again during the free spins, another 20 free spins are triggered, and this continues throughout the free spins round. There is no limit to the total number of free spins players can collect in this round.

Free spins and multipliers, combined with the two-way reels, are the features of the game that win the best payouts, and Highway Kings Pro’s maximum win is 10,000 coins.