Harness racing

Harness Racing and Betting Online

Harness racing is a horse race where either trotters or pacers participate and bettors across the globe can place bets on local and international races through the online betting platform. The difference between the trotters and pacers is that trotters stride forward with diagonal pairs of legs while pacers stride forward with lateral legs.

Trotters are more prevalent in Europe while America sees more pacers race in harness racing. Bettors can however bet on either type of race from almost anywhere in the world by signing up at reliable online betting sites that provide options for betting on this event.

There are a series of races that occur throughout the year which are all restricted to three year old horses. All of the races attract bettors who have multiple betting options available to them and include most of the traditional types of horse racing bets.

Tips to Maximize Winning Potential

When betting online on the harness racing events it is vital to manage bankrolls and only bet at reputable online betting sites that guarantee fast and reliable pay outs and provide the best odds.

Knowing what bets are available and which of them have better odds or higher pay outs is key to making more informed bets thus leaving harness racing bettors with stronger chances of winning. There is however no guarantee so it is always advisable to only bet what one can afford to lose.

The more reputable online betting sites offer new and regular bettors a variety of bonuses which should always be used to add value to one’s bankroll. The terms and conditions will require bettors to meet certain conditions but the reliable sites tend to fair with these.

Betting on horses in harness racing should not be done so lightly. There are a number of factors to consider such as where the horse is positioned at starting point, the past performance of horses and drivers, the class of the horses and those previously favoured.

Online betting Options for Harness Racing

Two major types of harness racing bets include pari-mutuel bets and fixed odds bets. The former is the more popular option at the races and includes bettors pooling amounts where winnings are thus paid out equally to any winners. The paid out amount increases with the bets placed and the odds fluctuate due to this.

Fixed odds bets are less likely to fluctuate as the odds tend to remain. These may be easier horse race betting options as bettors do not need to keep up to date with fluctuating odds.

Many of the betting options are much like the traditional horse racing bets. Bettors will come cross straightforward win bets, Quinella bets, Trifecta bets and Superfecta bets. These include the winner of a race, the two top placing horses in order or not, the three top placing horses in order or not and the four top placing horses in order or not.

Betting options may become increasingly involved with exotic types of bets and they differ from site to site. Always make sure a particular online betting site offers the desired types of bets before signing up.