Hockey Hero Online Real Time Gaming Slots

Hockey Hero has an ice hockey theme, and successfully creates the exciting and electrifying atmosphere that is present at all such games. The hockey player is the Wild symbol and the player in the penalty box is the Scatter symbol. The well padded Goalkeeper and the Umpire with his whistle are also symbols. The other symbols are all ice hockey accessories, like the Face Mask, the Trophy, Skates and Puck. There are the tickets for the game, and Popcorn and a tankard of Beer.

Exciting Animations

This game, another entertaining game by Real Time Gaming, has five reels and twenty five pay lines. Only the Wild symbol and the Scatter are animated, but some of these animations are outstanding. One of them is the Player hitting the puck with such force that it appears to shatter the glass screen.  Applause can be heard in the background as well as the sounds of players hitting the pick. In the Scatter symbol animation, the player in the Penalty Box is heard grunting and thumping the box in frustration at being sent there. All the usual noises of the game have been included in the sounds of Hockey Hero.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

In Hockey Hero slot, there are twenty five pay lines to be enabled, and the player at online casino NZ only needs to wager one coin per pay line. There is flexibility in the denomination of the coin. The Player is the Wild and appears only in Reels 2 and 4. When it substitutes any other symbol to complete a winning combination, it will double the payouts.

The Penalty Box is the Scatter. Two or more of the Scatter symbol appearing anywhere on any reel will award the player Scatter payouts. When three or more Scatter symbols appear, the Free Games Feature is activated. The player can get up to eighteen free spins in this bonus round. The popcorn symbol is removed from all the reels before the first free spin is played, and it is substituted by a Clock symbol. After every three free spins another symbol is removed and another Clock is added to one of the other reels. The free spins round in Hockey Hero ends when eighteen free spins have been completed, or when two or more of the Clock symbols appear at the same time.

The Unique Win-Win Bonus Round

When the Free Games feature has been completed, the Win-Win Bonus round can be triggered. This is a unique and gainful bonus round.  For this to take place all twenty five pay lines should be enabled, and the payout in the Hockey Hero Free Games feature should be less than, or equal to, ten times the original wager. If there have been no payouts in the Free Games feature, a bonus prize will be awarded of two hundred times the original wager. If the payout has been between 0 and twice the original bet, then a bonus prize of twenty times the original bet is awarded. If the payout has been only between twice and five times the original bet, the bonus awarded will be ten times the original bet, and a bonus of five times the bet will be given to the player who received only a payout of between twice and five times.

Two randomly triggered progressive jackpots are offered in this game by Real Time Gaming. They are the minor and major jackpots, and may appear after any spin.

Review of Warlock’s Spell Slots

If you are a player that is easily excited by freebies, Warlock’s Spell is definitely for you.  This game contains amazing free spin bonuses that could only have been conjured up in the cauldrons of Realtime Gaming’s software developers.

The scatter in this game is the spell book, and it has a secret that is sure to leave you spellbound.  If you spin out 3 or more spell books you automatically activate the bonus stage, but you will be even luckier if you land 5 spell books as this will see your bet multiply by 100 or give you 2,000 coins.

The bonus stage of Warlock’s Spell features a completely different interactive stage where you get to pick your most alluring potion by mixing it from a choice of 6 spooky ingredients, if you pick the correct combination it turns the potion green immediately you win 100 free spins.  The possible spins you can win will decrease incrementally every time you pick the wrong potion and it turns red, so be sure to tune into your inner intuition before picking your potion.

Game Multipliers

In addition to the abovementioned entertaining feature on Warlock’s Spell, all wins during the free spins are trebled and you can walk away with up to 30,000 coins on any given spin at online casino Canada. This multiplier makes the game all the more rewarding.

Game Play Information

Other than the amazing bonus features, this video slots game ranks at the high end of pay outs.  Warlock’s Spell can award the player up to 10,000 coins for hitting the jackpot.  The game is consistent of 5 reels and 20 paylines.  The player can bet with a minimum of 1c value per coin up to a maximum of $5 per coin, and this places the maximum bet for any given spin at 100 coins.

The symbols found in this casino slots game are in keeping with the theme, there are warlocks and witches, cats, potions and spell books.  Another amusing difference to this game is that both the witch and the warlock are wilds, so to win the top jackpot, you need to place the top bet and spin out 2 sets of wilds on your paylines.  The witch can be found in reels 1, 2 and 3, and the warlock in reels 3, 4 and 5 and they change all symbols, except for the scatter off course.

Progressive Jackpot

Warlock’s Spell also features a progressive jackpot that is not at all linked to your wager.  This jackpot is paid out at random to players on the network, regardless of your bet.  To build up this exciting pot, the system takes a percentage of the bets placed on the network, and places it in this pot, then it randomly selects a winning player after any given spin.  You would definitely want to be playing with real money when this jackpot comes your way, otherwise you might be a tad disappointed if you win a huge sum and you havent made a deposit, so the winnings are not actually paid out.

Sic Bo

Realtime Gaming’s Sic Bo

Having originated in China, Sic Bo is a favourite casino game, both online and offline. Realtime Gaming, or RTG, has created its own version and if you’re looking to start playing the game this is a good introduction. Strong animations and graphics combined with simple rules allow the game to deliver solid experiences, and allow players to develop their skills over time. To find out more about playing RTG’s version, keep reading.

Basic Principles

Sic Bo is an interesting blend of strategy and chance, and involves using a vibrating platform known as a Dice Shaker to roll 3 dice. The physical shaker of land-based games is reproduced in the online versions using animations and random number generation, and in the case of RTG this is done with enough skill and guaranteed standards to create an authentic experience, and the Dice Shaker is actually known throughout the industry as being exceptionally well executed. Players need to make their bets on how the dice will land before they’re rolled, with over 50 combinations being possible with the 3 dice.

Betting Options

With RTG’s version of Sic Bo, you can choose to put down anything from 1 to 100 credits on each bet. This is done by setting an Amount Per Click, which can then be adjusted. The basic betting choices in a game are outlined below:

  • One, Two or Three of a Kind: A specifically predicted number appears on 1, 2 or 3 of the dice faces respectively.
  • Any Three of a Kind: Any number appears on each die, and is not specified.
  • Duo: 2 different predicted numbers appear on 2 of the dice.
  • You can also put money on whether the dice total will be odd or even, except when a Three of a Kind is rolled.
  • Small and Big Wagers: Sic Bo actually means Small Big, and is probably named after these bets. Different areas on the Payout Table are called Small and Big, and the bets you place here pay out even money. Small Bets stipulate that the sum of all 3 dice will be a specific number between 4 and 10, except when Three of a Kind is rolled. Big Bets are the same, but for totals between 11 and 17.

Tactical Sic Bo Decisions

Since the rolling of the dice is completely random, the skill in the game comes in placing shrewd wagers and this takes time to develop. Realtime makes it easier for players by displaying all possible choices on the pay tables, and there are plenty of online guides to show you the house edge and odds for every bet. In general, higher odds mean higher potential payouts – greater rewards for taking greater risks – so it depends on how lucky you’re feeling and how much you can afford to lose. For example, the odds for a Three of a Kind roll are 1 in 216, but the return is an equally impressive 150:1.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you play online you have unlimited resources at your fingertips, and you can apply new strategies and tricks as you learn them. This deepens game satisfaction and develops insights, and should ultimately help you to win more. Realtime Sic Bo also offers a no-deposit free play mode, to help you hone your skills and build your confidence. The more you practice, the more you’ll gain, and your only investment will be time.

20 Payline Around the World Slot

This game, as can be guessed from the title, has an intriguing theme loosely based on the famous tale of Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne. For anyone who does not know the book, it is the story of an English gentleman called Phileas Fogg, who makes a bet at his club that he can go round the world in 80 days. The bet is accepted by his friends, and off he goes, using all manner of transportation, to travel through the countries of the world.

The colourful backdrop of the game includes skylines of some very well known cities, like London, Paris and New York. The symbols in Around the World include a Passport, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, the Clock Tower, Mount Rushmere and a Pyramid. Of all the symbols, the Pagoda, the Eiffel Tower and the airplane are the most valuable. The graphics are in an antique design, with the symbols appearing to be painted on Victorian postage stamps. There is also a selection of the travel methods used, like a Ship, Balloon, Train, Elephant and Camel. There is also the Traveller himself, who can substitute for all other symbols too.

Around the World is a five reel, 20 pay line slots game from Ash Gaming, and comes with bonus rounds, wilds and scatters like you find at Gaming Club Casino. The adventure theme of this slots game will keep most players fascinated and interested for a long while.

There is also a big spinning wheel featured as a compass, which is numbered and also has written on it a couple of letters. One of the big ideas of the game is based on the concept of guessing what the next number will be, either higher or lower than the number previously spun. If the player is mistaken in his guess twice in a row, he has to start the game over.

The two Wild symbols in Around the World are the Around the World symbol, and the Traveller symbol. Both Wilds will substitute for other symbols, apart from other Wilds, the Scatter and the Globe bonus. The Traveller symbol carries a multiplier of two times, and any two of them appearing on the reel ensures that the wins will be doubled.

Unique Reverse Play Feature

Around the World has a unique feature, called the Reverse Play feature. If the player feels that luck is not with him, he can switch to this feature and play in reverse. If the player lands on a non-winning combination on the selected pay line, he will win. In essence, the non winning combinations will now win, while the normal winning combinations will not. This slot game also features an Auto Bet button, which lets the player activate between ten and twenty five automatic spins.

On the Wilds, there is a bonus win of two times the original bet on any winning combination, but the real appeal is the cumulative multiplier on the Compass scatter, which can be from two times to thirty two times the original wager.

Travelling the Globe will Win Prizes

The bonus round will trigger the Travel Bonus, if the player finds 3, 4 or 5 Globe Scatters anywhere on the reels. The player can collect all his winnings at this point if he wishes.

The idea of Around the World slots game is, the further the player can go, the more money he will win.

What to Expect at a Top Online Casino

Up until the mid-nineties, if anyone mentioned a top casino, they were understood to be referring to a land-based gambling destination. The Internet changed things, and many of the services limited previously to dingy games halls or flashy, far-flung casinos are now found online.

A top online casino shares many things in common with a land-based casino of good reputation. Such commonalities would include games, banking or cashier services, player assistance, and bonuses and player incentive programmes.

In addition to services that players could reasonably expect from any casino, a top site would also offer various playing options, including not only download and no download methods for PC and mobile devices, but free play options as well.

Online Casino Credentials

Players with an ounce of common sense would never play at a land-based casino that is not legal or licensed. Such players understand that they are unprotected and exposed to possible fleecing and fraud at unapproved or illegal casinos.

Top online casino credentials are therefore important. A reputable site would be licensed by a competent authority, whether provincial, regional, or national.

There are also online gaming industry regulatory bodies that are happy to give their seals of approval to sites whose responsible conduct is proven.

Powered by Leading Software Developers

Any site that bills itself as a top online casino would be powered by a reputable software developer. If players are not sure about the quality of the developer that powers a site, they should visit the developer’s website, where they can find details about games, software, and any awards or accolades received.

There are to major reasons why a leading software developer should be preferred; these being fair play and quality.

The best developers use certified random number generators to ensure accurate, unbiased results. They also use the best quality software, which is why their games are known for the standard of their graphics, animations, sound, special effects, playing action, and interfaces.

Slots and Table Games

Just as players would find slots and table games in a land-based casino, so players would find the same at a top online casino.

With slots being the most-played games in most casinos around the world, it’s no surprise to find that the selection of online slots at top sites generally outweighs the selection of other games.

The range usually includes classic slots, video slots, and progressive slots.

The table games, card games, and speciality games found at a top casino would usually include Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Roulette, Online Keno in Canada and Video Poker.

Banking and Player Assistance

A top online casino would also offer players 24-hour banking and player assistance services.

The banking services generally accept a broad selection of payment methods, such as bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid vouchers. Players’ deposits, withdrawals, and personal details would be protected by data encryption technology.

The player assistance teams available to help with technical issues can usually be contacted by several means, including built-in live chat, email, and toll-free telephone numbers.

Bonuses and Promotions

Player incentive programmes are often necessary in a competitive world. Such programmes would be found at a top land-based casino, and they can be found in a top online casino, too.

Bonuses usually fall into either the Deposit Match or the No Deposit category, and such offerings usually begin with a welcome bonus offered to new players.

Other player incentives include regular promotions and special offers, as well as player loyalty clubs with points-based reward systems.


Introduction to Casino Games Available Online

Games of chance have fascinated humanity for millennia, and as we have adapted and evolved technologically, so have our games.

People have gone from playing with sticks, stones, and shells around campfires, to playing slot machines or at tables in destinations that have become synonymous with glitz and glamour.

Now, in the digital age, people also play casino games online. Gambling is no longer limited to land-based casinos. It has become something that people can enjoy as a matter of course on their PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

Software for Online Casino Games

The casino games available at online casinos are provided by software developers. Described as “powering” such sites, the developers are responsible for the software and design of the games.

The quality or lack of quality of the software is often reflected in the quality of the graphics, special effects, animations, sound, playing action, and user-friendliness of the interfaces.

While live dealer versions of various table games are often available, the majority of games’ results are produced by random number generators, which are supposed to ensure fair play.

Online Slots

Online slots are among the most popular of casino games online, and just like slot machines in land-based casinos; they can be grouped in different categories. Many websites ensure they offer a range of slots from each of these categories.

Video slots usually feature five reels, and include wilds, scatters, and multipliers among their reel symbols. Such titles also include video game-inspired special features and bonus games.

Classic slots usually feature three or five reels and one or multiple paylines. These casino games are designed to offer back-to-basics gaming, without distracting bells and whistles.

Progressive slots feature jackpots that start off at a generous amount, and then grow as the game is played. Such titles share many features with video slots.

Online Baccarat

One of the most highly regarded casino games, baccarat is a card comparison game in which the player plays against the banker.

The player needs to place a bet, and then try to beat the Banker’s hand by having the hand of cards with the higher value.

Online Blackjack

Of all the world’s casino games, blackjack is the most popular, both online and in land-based casinos.

The game is played between the player and dealer, and the player needs to beat the dealer’s hand while bringing the value of their hand of cards as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding that total at the top sites like Lucky Nugget Casino.

That some online casinos host regular multi-player blackjack tournaments is testament to the game’s popularity on the worldwide web.

Online Craps

Craps is a dice game in which players need to bet on the outcomes of rolls of the dice. Various betting options are open to players.

Online Poker and Video Poker

The sites at which players enjoy online casino games usually include poker and video poker among their offerings.

Casino Hold’em, Pai Gow Poker, and Tequila Poker are just some of the variations available. Video Poker combines poker gameplay with slot machine playing action.

Online Roulette

Known as the King of Casino Games, roulette is also a staple at many online casinos. This is a game famous for regional variations, and the European, French, and American versions of the game can all be found online.

A Guide to Playing Blackjack Online Casino Game

While blackjack can be traced back to a 17th century Spanish game called Ventiuna, its real origins are unknown. That, of course, has not stopped millions upon millions of players from playing against the dealer in land-based casinos and informally for centuries.

Popular the world over, the game continues to attract new players, but not necessarily through the traditional channels. With the rise of the Internet, it is possible to play blackjack online.

Many software developers have released different editions, versions, and variations of the game, and the majority of online casinos seem to offer one or more blackjack games, which can be played for free, or with real money.

Introduction to Blackjack Online Gameplay

Blackjack online follows the same rules and basic gameplay as blackjack in land-based casinos. The only difference is that, instead of facing another person at a games table in a casino, players are facing their computer, smartphone, or tablet screens, wherever they happen to be at the time.

A game is generally played between two; the player, and the dealer. The player is obviously the person playing the game, while the dealer is usually a certified random number generator.

The player’s goal is to get the value of their hand of cards as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding it, and while beating the dealer’s hand.

The start of a game of blackjack online would see the player place a bet, using the appropriate controls on the interface. Once the bet has been placed, the player would select the Deal button.

Each would receive two cards. Both of the player’s cards would be face up, while one of the dealer’s cards would be face down.

Several options would now lie open to the player. They could Stand, and play the hand they were dealt; they could Hit, and take another card; they could split the hand into two hands and play each separately; or they could Double Down, which would see them receive another card after doubling their bet.

The blackjack online winner would be declared once the player has made a move, and the two hands have been compared.

The card rankings used in many versions of the game value aces at one or 11 points at the player’s discretion, the numeric cards at their face values, and the jack, queen, and king court cards at 10 points. A winning combination of an ace and a jack, for example, is known as a Blackjack.

Online Blackjack Look and Feel

The look and feel of blackjack online would really depend on the software developer behind that specific game. Some developers have a shoddy reputation for graphics or playing action, while others are known for releasing quality games.

Titles that have been created by award-winning companies generally feature excellent graphics, sound, animation, and playing action. A traditional blackjack table, as well as standard playing cards, are often replicated in HD graphics, with ambient sounds to accompany gameplay.

Download and Instant-Play Blackjack Online

Like USA online betting, internet blackjack can be found in download and instant-play formats for PCs and mobile devices.

The download format for PC is usually free software. As few online casinos make games available for individual download, players would need to download the full casino software.

The download format for smartphones and tablets usually takes the form of apps for Android and iOS devices.

The instant-play formats for PC and mobile are the same, and are Flash games that can be played in browser.

Hot Hot Volcano Online Slot Game in Detail

Hot Hot Volcano is an online slot game that was developed by NextGen who are known for good quality graphics and multiple game features. The reels are set on a five reel and three row layout with twenty five pay lines spread across the grid. Only one coin can be bet on each of the twenty five pay lines but the coin size varies from the minimum value of 0.01 up to the maximum value of 4.00.

Hot Hot Volcano Theme and Symbols

The theme of Hot Hot Volcano is as the name states all about a hot erupting volcano. The reels are set on a view of the volcano from within a lush jungle where some of the jungle’s creatures are those that adorn the reels. The lizard is the highest valued regular symbol and will award 3 to 500 coins for landing two to five times on an active pay line when the maximum bet is in play.

The colourful bird awards 3 to 250 coins for landing two to five times while the monkey and the fruit bunch award 15 to 200 coins for landing three to five times all with a maximum bet in play. The standard nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace playing cards are the lower valued symbols that appear as if they are melting from hot lava. These symbols will award anything from 6 to 150 coins when landing three to five times on an active pay line with a maximum bet.

Hot Hot Volcano Bonus Symbol

The erupting volcano symbol is both the wild and scatter in Hot Hot Volcano pokies. This symbol will only ever appear on the second, third and fourth reels. As a wild symbol the erupting volcano will replace any other regular symbol when it can help create a winning combination. As the wild is also a scatter symbol it will award a 2x multiplier when two appear on the reels and a 5x multiplier if three appear. These multipliers are multiplied by the total bet. If three erupting volcano symbols land on reels two, three and four simultaneously they also trigger the Hot Hot Volcano eruption bonus.

Hot Hot Volcano Eruption Bonus

The Hot Hot Volcano eruption bonus in the best online pokies Australia is a re spin feature where the symbol on the third reel will erupt and expand to fill all the positions on the reel. This reel will be held for five free spins. After each free spin any random symbol on one of the other reels will erupt into an extra wild symbol. If the erupting volcano symbol lands simultaneously on the three reels during a free spin, they will only pay out the scatter rewards and not re trigger the volcano eruption bonus game.

Hot Hot Volcano Gamble Feature

The Hot Hot Volcano online slots gamble feature is activated after any winning spin. This is not compulsory to play but the winning amount can be doubled or quadrupled with a simple guessing game. The aim is to guess whether a playing card will be red or black to double up the win or guess what suit the card will be. This feature can be played five consecutive times if guesses are correct. Wrong guesses result in the winning amounts being lost.